Gordon Willis

Just a bit about the image that adorns the site, a still from Manhattan (1979) photographed by Gordon Willis.
Klute (1971) was my mom’s favorite movie. I never really got it as a kid – she always showed me stuff way beyond my years. I’ve been meaning to rewatch it for a while now, along with everything else Gordon Willis shot.
He retired to Cape Cod and I almost wrote him a fan letter after we screened new prints of The Godfather and Annie Hall at our little 35mm theater on campus in New Hampshire. He passed away a couple years later after those screenings.
I don’t have a lot of regrets in life but this was one of them. He might be the single person I admire most in the history of cinema, or at least top 3.

The theater where I learned to Project and worked for many years is still somewhat unmatched for picture and sound to this day. Small stadium style classroom built in 1988 and installed by the giants of installs – Boston Light & Sound.
The images of The Godfather and Annie Hall on 35mm in that theater are probably the greatest images I’ve ever seen in a theater.
The lighting, the details… just inconceivable how an image could look so good.
There are some things to be grateful for in life and those screenings are two of them.

RIP Gordie – the Prince of Darkness.